Canice’s Kitchen

What started as Sunday community meal to help those feeling lonely over 30 years ago, Canice’s Kitchen has now transformed into a daily service providing support to men and women experiencing homelessness and social exclusion. No longer just a soup kitchen, we are a place of connection for those who have no permanent address. Somewhere for people to come together, connect and find the support they need.

Situated close to Kings Cross and nestled amongst the jacarandas our Kitchen would previously open its gates seven days a week. Our outdoor café and dining areas we would be buzzing the days stories, a shared meal and many laughs. Over 400 volunteers rostered across these days gave their energy and experience to create home cooked meals that made our little piece of Sydney feel like home.

COVID has seen us have to adapt. We knew that we would never stop cooking and ensuring our street community were connected. However, we would have to rethink how our service looked for a little while.

On the 1st April, 2020 Canice’s Kitchen #everythingfromthegate was born. The homes of 200 volunteers were transformed into virtual remote kitchens, our leaders rallied team spirit via whatsapp and our onsite crew converted our entire service to be COVID safe. Since then we have served over 12,650 lunches to our street community.

We are now operating a weekly health clinic, daily showers with access to toiletries and personal care items and brand new clothing, supplied by our partner Thread Together. However, our most valuable add-on has been our pop up Coffee Shop. Central to everything from the gate, the coffee shop has become the place of social connection, a hot cuppa and a beacon of light through these times.

We are now looking to the future. COVID has changed us all. We want to ensure that we move with these changes by empowering our Guests, our community and our volunteers. Positive mental health outcomes, improved social connection and pathways out of homelessness, are the central themes that we are focused on for the future. We welcome your support in helping us continue to grow as the heart of the community, a place people can come for support but one that they eventually leave, stronger and ready for their own bright future.

Our Kitchen is funded only by local residents and businesses, we receive no government funding at all. If you would like to be a part of our story and see how your donation can directly change lives, please contact our Community Manager here for more information. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

This is Canice’s Kitchen, where everyone is welcome.


Our vision is an Australia without homelessness. We are focused on finding pathways to stable living for our community, by supporting them with the resources that will enable long lasting social change. We want to be the positive part of their story, the part where their life changed for the better. Do you want to come along for this journey? Get in touch today.


Fund raising is our number one priority. While we run very efficiently, with very low overheads, we recognise the need to be more professional in our management practices and believe there are some natural areas where we can grow and do more.


The volunteer’s gift of their time is matched by some generous donors who help to cover the operational costs of the kitchen.

What We Provide Each Week

Free Meals
Clothing Giveaways

Canice’s Kitchen is making a difference