Canice’s Kitchen

What started as community meal to help those feeling lonely and isolated, Canice’s Kitchen has now been operating for 30 years supporting men and women experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and exclusion.

Situated close to Kings Cross, nestled amongst the jacarandas of the inner city, our Kitchen opens its doors seven days a week to feed those most in need. Over 300 volunteers give their time, energy and experience to create home cooked meals that for a period over lunch, make our little piece of Sydney feel like home. Some of our volunteers have been with us since our inception, others new to the area have joined our teams and discovered just why, giving back, is the essence of being human.

We are very proud of our Kitchen and the people that choose to help those who often can’t help themselves. The true meaning of giving is when you expect nothing back in return.

We also offer a corporate and schools program. Here, groups can learn about our operations, how they can get involved and take a day out to volunteer supporting those in need.

Our Kitchen is funded only by local residents and businesses, we receive no government funding at all. As such, we are always in need of financial support. If you would like to be a part of our story and see how your donation can directly change lives, please contact our Community Manager here for more information. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

This is Canice’s Kitchen, where everyone is welcome.


A generation on, we are now considering what a second generation soup kitchen might be like. We are asking: what else can we do to offer comfort, dignity and security to the poor and homeless?


Fund raising is our number one priority. While we run very efficiently, with very low overheads, we recognise the need to be more professional in our management practices and believe there are some natural areas where we can grow and do more.


The volunteer’s gift of their time is matched by some generous donors who help to cover the operational costs of the kitchen.

What We Provide Each Week

Free Meals
Clothing Giveaways