Volunteer and staff policies

Letter from Fr Paul Fyfe, Parish Priest, St Canice Parish – 9th September 2021

Re: Vaccination of volunteers, staff and contractors

Many have been asking about how the Kitchen will re-open once the lockdown is lifted. The team and I have been discussing a plan, which will assure the safest pathway for volunteers, staff and our Guests. Our focus is to maintain the highest level of the protection for our community, especially for those who are more susceptible to very serious outcomes regarding Covid-19.

Part of this discussion has been around vaccination, and has included the information, that the higher the rate of vaccination within our community, the higher the chance of us avoiding a positive Covid case. Such an outcome could have very serious implications for a more vulnerable person in our community.

Additionally, as we are all aware, just one positive case would mean that the centre must close for deep cleaning, and all onsite staff and volunteers may need to get tested and self-isolate.

Therefore, the decision has been made that all onsite staff, contractors, and volunteers must have received two doses of a vaccine to continue their service to the Parish and Kitchen for the immediate future. We will be asking all volunteers to provide proof of their vaccination status before returning to onsite volunteering after lockdown, until such time, that the threat is substantially reduced.

We understand and respect that vaccination is a personal choice and would never insist that anyone change their opinion. However, in our role as care-givers to the community, we must use the information we have available and make an educated decision of how best to protect our community. For this reason, only vaccinated volunteers will be able to serve onsite for the time being.

We thank everyone for their understanding. Should you need any more information, you can contact Carrie, Lynelle or myself via the Parish Office.

Wishing everyone a positive start to Spring. We look forward to welcoming you back after lockdown.


Fr Paul Fyfe SJ,
Parish Priest
St Canice Parish